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  Propessional services
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Technical supports

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We provide  essentially professional and close supports with high experiences for:

-  Consultancy for designing anchor botl or dowel-bars (for starter bars) with or w/o calculating software from the manufacturer.
-  Carry-out site demonstration and site pull-out tests on the demo anchoring samples or random test on post bonded-anchor bolt or dowelled-bars installed (by 02 tesing equipments branded Power Team made in USA).
-  Conduct application training at jobsite.
-  Product demos at jobsite.


Propessional services

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Drilling the hole sized up to 40mm in dia. and 800mm in depth in concrete and installing services of Dowelled-bars; Chemical & Mechanical Anchor bolts into re-inforced concrete elements carried out by a professional and well-trained applicators at high responsibility.

Especcially we can also conduct diamond-coring to cut through rebars inside re-inforced concrete with big holes sized up to 200mm in diameter and >1,500mm in depth.

New & Promote products
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