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MKT Chemical Anchor-V
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- Catalogue 
 MKT Chemical Anchor-V
Code: Capsule anchor
Manufacturer :
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MKT Capsule-V Anchors is a high strength adhesive anchor bolt (made in Germany),
Delivery to:
 Technical Approvals/ Listings/ Reports:

Technical approval ETA-05/0231

- Product Features:

The anchor bolt "Chemical Anchor-V" branded MKT (made in Germay, with the ETA - European Technical Approval) is a Heavy-duty chemical anchor bolt (a glassed-capsule type), designed and manufactured for fixing structural steel frame works in concrete, vibration resistance. Specially for overhead application on ceiling, and aso suitable for small jobs with few fixings: One capsule for one hole - no mixing, no mess, no waste.

- Product Ranges:

  Threaded Stud Size

  Drilled Hole Size in Concrete
  (Diameter x Depth)

  Capsule Description

  M10x130mm V-A   Ø12x90mm   M10x80 V-P
  M12x160mm V-A   Ø14x110mm   M12x95 V-P
  M16x190mm V-A   Ø18x125mm   M16x95 V-P
  M20x260mm V-A   Ø25x170mm   M20x175 V-P
  M24x300mm V-A   Ø28x210mm   M24x210 V-P
  M30x380mm V-A   Ø35x280mm   M30x265 V-P

- Advantages:
  • Approved for resisting vibration loads: Safety for structural steel frame, and machinery hold down with high vibration
  • Approvals/Listings: ETA-05/0231 (European), Fire test F30-F120 
  • Use for both base materials: Concrete and natural stones
  • For use in both carbide or diamond drilled holes
  • Approved for installation in Dry, wet or even underwater
  • Long self-life: 18 months
  • Best solution for overhead applications
  • Need only 20min. (at from 30°C) to be fully cured

- Typical Applications:

  • Structural steel connections
  • Hand rails, steel canopy and roof frame
  • Fire exit steel staircase, shed kits
  • Machinery hold down with high vibration
  • Steel balustrade/light posts; rubber expansion joint, vent. fan, .... in bridge, tunnel
  • Replace cast-in bolts that missed location or damaged, or add new for changes

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