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Typical Applications
Dowelling post-bonded rebar, anchor rod into concrete - 01/09/2023
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- For different reasons of changing structural design, missing and/or out-of-location of casted-in rebars (or coupler) and J-bolt, in particular with work procedure of contemporary formwork method, etc ... the need of dowelling post-bonded rebar/anchor botl into existing concrete elements is a very conventional practice on jobsites.

- The typical product often used for these applications are the injection adhesive branded VME with 100% pure Epoxy based-adhesive or chemical glass capsule Anchor-V. All products are made in Germany by MKT.

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  Typical Applications
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  I need to have starter bars post-bonded in existing concrete elements, how can I get it safely?
  I need to have an anchor bolts in Hollow brick/block walls stronger the plastic anchor due to light duty and not safe. Any product/solution being used for this application?
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